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Shopify: Drop Shipping


What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete E-Commerce platform that let you start a business and manage it.

How does it works?

Well, You create an online store, it's easy and simple, just drag and drop, once the store is finished you have to get photos of your product and place it on your store modifying the price and description.

You can also manage your "Products, Inventory, Payments and Shipping" all of this using your dashboard which is new user's friendly.

How to start?

Here is step by step how to start:

  First go to Shopify.com and start a free trial.

Once you've Create your store it'll take you step by step asking you some questions and the AI will create the store based on your answers.

Once the store is ready, It'll take your to this dashboard where you can access everything in your website from an admin perspective.

You can easily access your Settings on the left bottom side of the screen and you can also click the eye icon to view your store.

Now you have your own Online Store, but where can you get the products?

Well here comes the Drop Shipping term.

What is Drop Shipping?

To make it as simple as possible check the video below:

How to get products ?

There's 2 different websites that can help you contact a manufacturer or a supplier:

Go to one of these sites and find a product, Then contact the manufacturer:

Here is the form i used to contact the manufacturer and most of them answered

Then after getting a sample and taking an HD photo of it and uploading it to your Online Store, Just start advertising your product and Start Selling.

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