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Canva: To give your designs life

Wanna create an astonishing design for your next "Instagram - Facebook - Twitter" Posts or your next "YouTube Video ?

In this tutorial all of this will be POSSIBLE!


Create awesome designs for your Social Media Posts or your Videos, With Canva all of the designs you want are in one place, Check it with us.

What is Canva?

CANVA is an online platform that allows you to create almost everything you need from - Photos and Videos - to Presentations and CV's - So you can pretty much create everything you need here.

By the way, These designs that i bring to you are all created using CANVA Pro, So it's possible, Even if you don't have any designing experiences, You still can create lots of amazing things.

With just drag and drop, With a single click you can create an entire video, or you can start doing presentations using CANVA..

Do i have to pay to get these features ?

To have access to everything that CANVA provides, Yes there's a fee. But there's lots of free stuff you can use, Totally free designs and lots of elements, Audio, styles, Photos and videos too.

If you want to use the free version, just look for the crown sign on every paid design on the right bottom side of the design and you'd know which is Premium and which is free.

The free version is awesome too, plus they have affiliate program, so you can promote CANVA to your friends.

Affiliate Program - CANVA

Yes!, CANVA has it's own affiliate program, It doesn't pay you money, but it's so rewarding that i promise you'll be promoting it just to get the rewards from it.

The affiliate program is when you promote CANVA by sharing your link to others, and they join using your link, When they create the first design, Both of you and the person that you've invited gets "CANVA CREDITS".

CANVA CREDITS is a type of points inside of CANVA, That you can use buy Premium designs, So now when you invite people, Both of you can get some of the premium features FOR FREE!

How does it works ?

Once you've create an account on CANVA You'll have this page in front of you.

To create your first Design Click on CREATE DESIGN on the top right side.

Then choose what design you want to create, For example: INSTAGRAM POST

You'll see this screen when you choose what are you designing

Then you have to start working on your design, Once you're done, Just click the download button and choose in what format you want your design to be.

What are you waiting for, start now and amaze your friends with your crazy designs

This is my affiliate link use it to earn Canva Credits and help me provide you with more content: Click here

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