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Affiliate Marketing

 Tired of trying to earn money from the internet, Here's How...

What is affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is a tactic which is beneficial to both parties the Brand and the Affiliate Marketer, It mainly works around getting more revenue to the Brand and getting commission from the Brand.

In a more clear way, you get passive income if someone buy the brand that you're promoting through your Affiliate Link.

How does it works ?

The best way to explain it is with examples:

For example you have a product and you want to get more sales, more customers, instead of paying big marketing companies lots of money to do marketing for you, You go and start "Affiliate Marketing" in which you pay people who refer customers to you, either you can pay based on sales or if you have a service then based on that service, that means you pay only for what you sell and not pay for everything even if you don't sell.

So if you for example just lunched an online service, and you want to get visits so that people would see you app or service so you just set-up an affiliate link and tell those who buy from you that they get money or discounts based on the people they refers.

There are lots of sites that allow you to earn real money by working as an Affiliate Marketer such as:

This is not all but some of the Best affiliate marketing sites.


Simply go to one of these websites, Sign up and find the Affiliate marketing section it can be "Affiliate" or "Advertisers" in some cases, Check what product can you advertise and just get your affiliate link, Then start advertising that link, either on your Website or Social Media, the main idea is to encourage people to buy through that link so that you can earn your commission and start making money.

Some companies pays up to $300 USD and even more and you'd find some who pay about $1 USD, It all depends on the product, Is it a high value product or is it a low value product ?

And as long as your Affiliate Link is on the internet you have a big chance to earn money though it, if someone uses it to get the service you're promoting.


Some works for all countries and some doesn't, So make sure to read on the site where does it supports and where it doesn't ..

And Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online, Even if you have no experience, It still works.

Just sign-up to one of the sites I've mentioned up and just pick a product to promote, start promoting and earning money.

Check the video below and leave a comment if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer.

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