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Freenom: A free Domain Name for everyone

Have you been searching for a domain name yet you always see big prices to pay for it ?

Today we're going to show you how to get a free domain name that you can use to start your own website and share your ideas, posts and more

Using Freenom service to get a free Domain name up to 12 Months for free, and you can renew it for free too, so it'll be totally free for the rest of your life.

What is Freenoom?

Freenom is one of the best free Domain name providers that allows you to be online using a totally free domain name.

Do i have to pay to get a domain name?

You can get totally free domain names containing the following endings:

( .GA - .CF - .GQ - .TK - .ML )

these domains are totally free up to 12 Months and can be renewed for free before it expires.

Freenom also allows you to buy paid domains for a small fee compared to other Domain Providers, So it's one of the best Domain providers in the world.

How does it works ?

Frist you have to create an account on Freenom, You can use Google or Facebook to sign up with Freenom then you just write your desired name here on this search bar.

Then you have to choose the one you want to be your Domain Name the example here is TACTICS

As you can see here the available ones will have the Get it now Button next to it and the price is $0.00 USD written next to it as well as FREE

The ones that are not available will show nothing next to it at all

Now select the one you want and click on checkout button on the right top side of your screen

You'll see that your Domain name is set for 3 months for free as shown here

To change it just click on the dropdown menu to see all the available Duration then just choose the free 12 Months period to get a full 1 year for free

Then continue to this page where you'll see your order, to continue just read the Terms and Conditions then Check the box and click on COMPLETE ORDER

Then you'll see the Order Confirmation screen and it'll show your order number save that number so if you need it later and click go to client area

Sometimes it won't redirect you to your client area so to go there just click on services on the main menu and choose MY DOMAINS

And as you can see here, You have totally free domain name in your client area waiting for you to use it, Also you can find all the information you need about your newly added Domain name

Now you can have your own Domain Name, So start building your own website and show the world how awesome you are.

To get your free Domain name click here

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